Olufemi Akande [ Chief Technical Officer ]

Olufemi Akande is a Business information systems specialist with core competence in mobile driven innovations, robotics, artificial intelligence and innovation process optimization.

He has developed and deployed several innovative solutions across several sectors including aviation, advertising, banking and e-commerce sectors.

He pioneered the first mobile Money Banking Platform in Nigeria called “HELIX PLUS”. His works brought him international recognition and in the fore front of pioneering advanced and creative technology solutions in Nigeria he consulted for The Lagos State Government,Lagos Momentum International, Ondo State Government, Delta State Government, DANA Airlines, Data-space Technologies LLC, Chevron USA INC, Airbus, Iron Mountain USA, Fountedge UK, ICAN-UK,  Advert direct, NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory, International and High-Towers Technology Group.

He is the founder and Lead of Amplexus Technologies Company Nigeria, Silaris Technologies Canada and I-works USA.

He is adept in accessing and understanding evolving technological trends and its application into complex Projects.

Olufemi Akande is the Chief Technical Officer for the International Psychometric Centre.