Advanced Psychometrics Studies

In this course, the students will be exposed to the higher learning objectives in psychometric which are not limited to basic statistical concepts in psychometric, the statistical classifications, key psychometric tools and practical application of psychometric strategies in classroom, home and organizational environs . The students will learn and acquire advanced psychometric potentials that improve psychometric knowledge, skills and ability relevant for career growth and development including practical application of psychometric tools for meeting personal, group or family and societal behavioural needs and organizationally desirable emotional intelligence. 

Meanwhile, this course actively covered explanations and clarifications of the key psychometric tools for data collection, testing, assessment, analyzing and evaluation. These aspect of psychometric studies are of crucial benefits for students, graduates, employees and their employers. Therefore, for learning to complete, there must be significant change in students’ behavior as a result of learning. Students will understand the Computer Applications of Statistics in Psychometric Tests as related to final year project writing and data analysis through the use of statistical software and importance to quality research and practice.