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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and logically work through concepts and problems expressed in words.

Cognitive Reasoning

Refers to "the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses".

Numerical Reasoning

A numerical reasoning test is a form of psychometric assessment commonly used in the application stages of the recruitment process.

Psychometric Clinic

Take our personality tests by conducted the Cambridge University. This test is available for registered students only.

Before taking the Test

Psychometric studies is taught by International Psychometric Centre online in partnership with all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

About the IPCentre

The International Psychometric Centre (IP Centre) is a Strategic Research Network dedicated to research, teaching and product development in both pure and applied psychological assessment.

it is a joint institute set up by Capital 3 Limited and in a consultancy agreement with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre to undertake training related to item response theory, computer-adaptive testing and the development of tests in the Concerto platform under the sponsorship of the partner bank- Access Bank Plc.

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About the book

Books & Sports bring you an Introduction to Psychometrics is a book on how to identify and quantify human behaviour. This book was written out of the quest to make psychometric concepts easier for non-professionals.
The book will be of great value to individuals, students, graduates seeking employment as well as professionals in various organizations. The books’ contents expose the reader to how best one can quantify human behaviour for various purposes. This includes and not limited to the assessment and development of needed skill to boost chances of been employ how best to relate with people across various situations determining the psychomotor ability and so on.

The Contributors: Adegoke O. Steve & Timiteyin M. Fashola 

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