International Psychometrics Centre (IPCentre) offers series of courses to students in tertiary institutions (University, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education). The centre offers online courses in two major areas; introduction to psychometrics and advanced psychometric Studies.

Psychometric Assessment1
Introduction to Psychometrics

This course presents a general background and basic concepts in Psychometrics. The book gives clearer understanding of Psychometrics, even to the layman. This is as a result of the importance of psychometrics to individuals, organizations, educational institutions and the society at large. Psychometrics is an essential aspect of assessment, which helps to quantify human behaviour across various domains such as intelligence, personality, mood, mental disorder, amongst others.

Advanced Psychometrics Studies

In this course, the students will be exposed to the higher learning objectives in psychometric which are not limited to basic statistical concepts in psychometric, the statistical classifications, key psychometric tools and practical application of psychometric strategies in classroom, home and organizational environs