Introduction to Psychometrics

This course presents a general background and basic concepts in Psychometrics. The book gives clearer understanding of Psychometrics, even to the layman. This is as a result of the importance of psychometrics to individuals, organizations, educational institutions and the society at large. Psychometrics is an essential aspect of assessment, which helps to quantify human behaviour across various domains such as intelligence, personality, mood, mental disorder, amongst others. 

This course cuts across the following topics; 

  1. Definitions of psychometrics
  2. Basic concepts in psychometrics
  3. Historical development of psychometrics 
  4. Theories of psychometrics
  5. Uses of psychometric tests
  6. Types of psychometric tests
  7. Characteristics of a good psychometric test
  8. Applications of psychometric tests
  9. Process of administering a psychometric test
  10. Scoring, analyzing and interpreting psychometric test