Mrs. Acka Roselyn [ Director General / CEO, IPCENTRE ]

A trail blazer with strong written and communication skills, Mrs. Roselyn Tarka has been in both local and international organizations and business for several years. During these periods, she worked and traveled to many countries. She is experienced in project consulting, marketing, and management operations. She works well with people, has keen attention to detail, versatile and a self-motivator. She is known for coping in any situation and learns very fast. She is excellent at initiating new projects,
and has vast experience in gender issues.

Roselyn is known and respected for her readiness to contribute in any challenging management position, whether corporate or government establishment that offers early responsibility in return for enthusiasm, innovation and a commitment to achieving goals and corporate growth objectives.

Born in October 12, 1963 in Zaria, Kaduna State. Roselyn earned her B.Sc in Microbiology at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1984 before she proceeded to University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, where she earned an MBA in Finance in 1988.

Mrs. Roselyn Tarka is trained in Marketing techniques, Management Training and Motivational Training respectively in United Kingdom. She is an expert in Gender Development with strong links with NGOs and Donor Agencies across the world.

With broad knowledge and appreciation of all aspects of corporate planning, strategy and development, adequate insight into management and enterprise development, innovative strategy and evaluation, deep knowledge of corporate social responsibility and the environment. Roselyn was groomed and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Her work experience includes management of Health care and welfare related client programmes throughout the Namibian Countryside between 1987-1989 for TradeLinks (Pty) Ltd Windhoek, Namibia. Mrs. Tarka was in charge of UNDP/UNICEF, UNHCR Consultancy Namibia County Office between 1989-2000 when she was in charge of negotiations for the allocation of funds for Helicopters for the Ministry of Fisheries/Marine Resources and Ministry of Health, Namibia. This includes setting up of UNICEF/UNDP refugee programme for the UN Commission in Namibia and provision of Primary Health care for the refugees in various camps.

Roselyn would later become the Export Manager
of Tam ‘Ton International Ltd, London in 2000 to 2002. During this period, her responsibilities as Export Manager includes Exploration and Development of Pharmaceutical and other business opportunities in Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.

She became the Finance Consultant, Mildon Finance (UK) Ltd Hertfordshire, London, 2002-2006 where she managed Pension Funds, Life Insurance, private Healthcare Funds for the company.

By mid 2006 though 2011, she was appointed Executive Director,
START Africa, Abuja, Nigeria. A position where she was thrusted with the responsibilities of providing networks for NGOs in rural areas of various states in North Central and North West Zones of Nigeria. This service to humanity took her to many countries, amongst which are; United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Belgium, Namibia, Ghana, Liberia, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Her other areas of expertise and training include:
1. Microfinance & SME’S
2. Maternal Health
3. Protocol
4. Women Empowerment
5. Programme Management
6. Marketing
7. Training and seminars

Until her appointment as the Director General/CEO of International Psychometric Centre, Mrs. Roselyn Tarka was a Board Member of Youth Alive Community Initiative (YACAI), a non-profit, voluntary and humanitarian organization that seeks to empower young people to develop and maintain healthy relationships as well as promote their talents, ideas, and leadership qualities.

She was also the Coordinator of Medical and Educational Foundation for Rural Mothers (MEDFORM). MEDFORM is a non-governmental Organization whose vision is to educate community women through various programmes to enable them better their lives. MEDFORM organizes women empowerment and maternal health programmes, counseling on family concerns, financial management programmes.

Through her skill and efforts, MEDFORM collaborated with National Orientation Agency and National Human Rights Commission and also partner with international organizations to set up policies and projects from donor agencies.

Roselyn, no doubt is an accomplished and effective manager with experience in leading successful projects. Rose, as she’s fondly called loves Tennis, Chess, Reading with passion for Charity work for children, the passion which has reflected in the way she handles IPCentre since its inception