Payment Support

Frequently Asked Questions/Issues And Quick Fixes

You paid for the textbook, but you paid outside of ipcentreng.com portal; you used direct payment. SOLUTION: go to book library, proceed through the payment process and when you get to the payment platform (flutterwave), close the page and get back to us. This will generate an invoice for you and we can activate your textbook from our end.

You can solve this problem in two ways. First option: Send us your full name and email address so we can pre-activate your account before you register. Second option: Create a new account on ipcentreng.com and do not make another payment. You only need to notify us after signing up and we will activate you immediately.

Your textbook status is probably activated, you only need to navigate to the right page. SOLUTION: follow the process as if you want to purchase the textbook by clicking the buy book button; you will see the green download (book) button and your access code on the last page before you get to payment page. If you still can find it, then fill in the support form here on this page.

Are you sure you are entering your email id correctly? If yes, you probably have forgotten your password. SOLUTION: Use the forgotten password button on the login page, a link will be sent to your email address (you can check your spam box if you can’t see it in inbox folder). Reset your password and login. If you still cannot login, then use the support form on this page.

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