Professor Ayawei Prosper [ Executive Director, IPCENTRE ]

Ayawei  Prosper is a Professor of  Psychomorphology   which he  founded  and has developed for over 30 years making comparative studies between the Morphological psychology of Professor Wilhelm Salber at the University of Cologne, Germany  {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphological_psychology, https://www.businessschool-berlin.de/…/professor-wilhelm-salber-v…} and  distinctive study on The Dialogical Self and Psychomorphology: A Comparison  , with the founder Hubert Hermans | Creator of Dialogical Self  at the University of Hague , The Netherlands. {www.sites.thehagueuniversity.com/xmsp/xms_itm_p.download}

A World Bank Washington DC USA panel reviewer {abstracts and papers} from 2014 till date, in the annual World Bank, Land and Poverty Conference for advance Research in Universities around the globe.

He was Rector, Institute of Science and technology Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

He was Chairman Oil and Gas Committee, Bayelsa state, Nigeria

Former senior special assistant On NGOs and Donor Agencies to the executive Governor of Bayelsa State, former   Bayelsa State representative and desk officer to the Presidency on ecological fund matters.

Adjunct Professor University of Africa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria

A Visiting Lecturer  and key Speaker on Psychomorphology at Prestige Institute of Management ,Gwalor, India

Instructional/Tutorial Facilitator ,National Open University of Nigeria

He is The 1st African to address the famous World Congress on Adult Guardianship on his Psychomorphological Concept, March 2014 in Washington DC, USA. See, www.guardianship.org/IRL/…Presentation Ayawei.pdf.

World Bank /  Bayelsa State Government {SEEFOR} Project Consultant and third Part Monitor.

Further details of psycholomorphological researches and discoveries see {www.psychomorphology.org}


His concept has been adopted in several Universities around the world especially in the United States, Germany and China.